about Us


To build up a homounious world

Create value for customers and create opportunities for staff; Creat benefits for shareholders and Responsibility for social.

Customer Success
Customer Success is the basic reason of Secumate survice and development.Customer demand is the development direction of Secumate.We respect customer centric,rapid rosolution to customer problem,active response to customer requirement,continuting to create benefits for customers help customer success.The direction of our work is to supply customers quality products and excellent service. Customers success is Secumate success.

No pain, No gain
Hard working is only way to be success. We have no any resources can reply on,hard working for customers to win their respect, trust and business. To be hard working win the success.

To be responsible is really important.Select a responsibility is to select the loyal and also chose no regrets. Let's trun pressure into motivation, stimulate the intellect and the will when facing responsibility, and be brave to make a difference.

Pursuiting excellence
The pursuit of excellence is a power, is a competitiveness of company. Product and persons can be high quality through the pursuit of excellence, which also make the company high quality, and became the dring force of sustainable development of enterprise